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It’s no surprise that longtime critics and opponents of the California high speed rail project have seized upon recent setbacks to try and reshape the project in their preferred image. Even though they’ve lost every other political battle, and even though the court case had nothing to do with the route chosen, there remain those […]

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Los Angeles County Metro is planning the High Desert Corridor, a multimodal corridor that could include a new freeway link along the Highway 138 route – and for our purposes, a high speed rail connection between Palmdale and Victorville. That link would help bring the XpressWest high speed trains from Las Vegas all the way […]

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After the California High Speed Rail Authority announced it would study a Grapevine/I-5 alignment to connect Bakersfield to LA, the city of Palmdale – which had been included in the voter-approved HSR route – decided to sue to block the study. Yesterday they got some crucial political support when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to […]

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Over a week ago, we heard it through the grapevine that the California High Speed Rail Authority was again studying the I-5/Grapevine alignment to connect Bakersfield to Los Angeles. There was some extensive discussion in the comments to a post a few days back as well, but only now am I able to get to […]

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