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Streetsblog DC reports that Amtrak’s recent ridership growth is fueled in part by smaller cities: The major growth was in routes serving smaller cities. Ridership was up 4 percent in Michigan, where construction to improve the speed of connections between Detroit and Chicago is entering the final phases. St. Louis to Chicago boardings were up […]

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Amtrak today announced that fiscal year 2013, which ended on September 30, saw record ridership for the railroad: Amtrak carried a record 31.6 million passengers in fiscal-year 2013, which marked the railroad’s 10th ridership record in the past 11 fiscal years. During FY2013, which ended Sept. 30, Amtrak’s state-supported corridor services logged a new record […]

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July 2013 set a record with Amtrak seeing its highest ridership in its history: Amtrak had a record July for ridership, with more than 2.9 million passengers, up 4.8 percent from July of last year. In the Northeast Corridor, including regular and Acela service from Washington to New York and Boston, ridership totaled nearly 965,000, […]

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At some point it should become screamingly clear to the American news media that people love passenger trains and will ride them regularly if only given a chance. The latest record-setting Amtrak ridership stats tell the story: Amtrak ridership increased in the first half of FY 2013 (Oct. 2012 – March 2013) and March set […]

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