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Madera County is already getting high speed rail tracks. And now it will be getting a high speed rail station – of a sort. Madera already has an Amtrak station, though it’s little more than a covered waiting area. In the 2016 Business Plan, however, the California High Speed Rail Authority adopted a plan to […]

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by Rafael Conventional wisdom has it that HSR in California equals long-distance trains from Northern to Southern California. However, just because trains can cross mountains doesn’t mean that passengers will always want to. More often than not, their origin and destination will lie in the same region, i.e. Bay Area, Central Valley or Southern California. […]

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No, that’s not Bob Dylan on the left, but it might as well be. Of all the major population centers in California, the eastern portion of the San Francisco Bay – Alameda and Contra Costa counties – arguably drew the shortest lot. True, East Bay residents will be closer to HSR stations on the starter […]

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UPDATE: The Fresno Bee reports that CHSRA is hosting additional scoping meetings for the project-level EIR/EIS process. Tuesday, March 24, 3-7pm: Visalia Convention CenterWednesday, March 25, 3-7pm: Fresno Convention Center Exhibit Hall If you’re planning to attend, the following questions need answers IMHO:a) where is CHSRA at in ROW negotiations with BNSF for south Fresno […]

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