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One of the nation’s federally recognized high speed rail corridors is the Pacific Northwest corridor, running from Vancouver, British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon. That route already has a successful passenger rail service, the Amtrak Cascades, and both Washington and Oregon have been investing in new tracks and trainsets to provide faster and more frequent service. […]

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I’m writing this post from my seat on Amtrak Cascades #508, just outside the small southwestern Washington town of Woodland. I’m on wifi and we’re running alongside the Columbia River. It’s a beautiful afternoon, after a nice weekend in Portland, Oregon. Oh, and the train is sold out. According to the station agent at Union […]

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Back in February, a meeting of the Pacific Coast Collaborative saw Arnold Schwarzenegger call for a San Diego-Vancouver BC high speed rail linkas part of a regional transportation plan: He also said that developing a high-speed rail from San Diego all the way to Vancouver is crucial. “It makes no sense for our trains to […]

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A beautiful day here in Monterey – hope it is for you as well, wherever you might be in California (or elsewhere in the world). Some HSR links: Modesto Bee editorializes in favor of Merced’s Castle Airport for the HSR maintenance hub, pointing out that the site has the space to accommodate the trains and […]

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