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Today the California High Speed Rail Authority is holding its monthly meeting in Los Angeles, in the board room of the Metro headquarters right next to Union Station. The agenda is here and a livestream of the meeting can be viewed here. Dana Gabbard of Streetsblog LA has a good overview of the meeting, including […]

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The July CHSRA Board Meeting is starting at 9AM today in Los Angeles. The agenda is here, and includes discussion of lots of Alternatives Analysis for segments from Fresno all the way to Anaheim. You can find those AA reports here. There should be a live feed of video or audio, but I’m not seeing […]

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Well, we could see this one coming from a mile away. The Peninsula Cities Consortium, after spending the better part of a year criticizing the HSR project, is now calling for it to be suspended, despite the will of the voters, including at least 60% of Peninsula residents, for the project to go ahead, and […]

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Comments on the Alternatives Analysis for the San Francisco to San José segment of the HSR project were due on June 30. As Rafael mentioned in the comments to yesterday’s post, a number of cities along the route have submitted their comments, including Mountain View and Redwood City. Like those of other cities along the […]

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