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At a SPUR high speed rail event in San Francisco today, the new Northern California Regional Director for the California High Speed Rail Authority, Ben Tripousis, said that the project remained on schedule for a groundbreaking in the Central Valley this July. He also pointed out that the project’s phases could be complete by 2029, […]

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One of the more common arguments against HSR is that “nobody will take a train when they can get from SF to LA faster by flying on Southwest for $49.” There are numerous flaws with that argument, including the fact that you can rarely get a $49 fare on short notice, and the fact that […]

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Earlier this month we reported on the debate in Burbank over where to locate an HSR station. At the time it looked like a station in or very near downtown would be chosen. But this week we learned that Burbank is now proposing putting the station at Burbank Airport: Officials in Burbank are pushing the […]

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As a spring general election looms, Britain is moving ahead with planning its high speed rail network, intended to someday link London to Scotland via the populous Midlands cities. Already some of the key issues are being identified, as the Guardian reports. They include: • What happens to Heathrow Airport? The HSR network could obviate […]

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