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Update: Brad Templeton responded late Friday afternoon in a comment on this post. Today Forbes’s website published a rather odd article by Brad Templeton of something called “Singularity University,” a research outfit in Silicon Valley that claims to be working on the technologies that will solve human problems. The article claims that high speed rail […]

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I’m writing this while waiting for my flight at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, after spending a great weekend watching the San Francisco Giants win both their spring training games (and more importantly, look pretty solid in the process). So this article on the FAA’s projection of high airfares the rest of this decade seemed particularly […]

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California High Speed Rail Authority Board chairman Dan Richard knows all too well about the airline industry. Serving as a Director on the Bay Area Rapid Transit District’s Board from 1996 to 2004, the East Bay resident and his colleagues clashed with United Airlines over the use of airport landing fees to build BART’s station […]

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One of the common anti-high speed rail arguments is that nobody will ride trains because they can fly cheaply between cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since at least 2008 we’ve known these cheap fares weren’t going to last long. This week brings more evidence that cheap flights are becoming an endangered species, in […]

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