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Over at The Transport Politic Yonah Freemark has offered two insightful posts this week on the question of HSR fares as compared to those for air and automobile travel (including buses). The first, Getting the Price Right: How Much Should High-Speed Fares Cost? argued that Amtrak has set fares on the Acela too high, though […]

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Yesterday we looked at Edward Glaeser’s silly attack on HSR in the New York Times’ Economix Blog. Today we have another attack on HSR in the New York Times – this time from Eric Morris at the Freakonomics Blog. Ryan Avent summed it up well via Twitter: Eric Morris closes HSR series by referring readers […]

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So reports the San Diego Union-Tribune: After nearly a year of meetings, the Ad Hoc Airport Regional Policy Committee is putting the final touches on a proposal to shift most passenger operations to the north side of the airport, along Pacific Highway. The $5 billion to $12 billion overhaul would include a new passenger terminal, […]

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While the Peninsula debates how to best implement the detailed plans for the high speed rail line that will serve their communities, San Diego is dealing with a somewhat different question altogether – a big picture “how do we bring people to and from our town?” issue that is now centered on Lindbergh Field. And […]

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