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This weekend I’ll be in Orange County, soaking up the sun and (maybe) doing some surfing at San Clemente. My wife and I will be driving there, and this gives me a perfect opportunity to, once again, explain how incredibly useful HSR would be to me right about now. This is especially relevant given recent […]

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One of the most common things we’ve found around the world with high speed rail is that it is very, very successful at attracting riders to switch from flying between two points to the train. Despite deeply ignorant claims that because Southwest Airlines offers cheap flights, we don’t need HSR, the evidence indicates that HSR […]

Feb 25th, 2010 | Filed under Uncategorized

Ah, the Orange County Register. Along with the San Diego Union-Tribune it has one of the most right-wing and anti-government editorial pages in the state. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to high speed rail, both papers have been among its most persistent critics. Yesterday the Register posted an anti-HSR op-ed by Richard Stegemeier, a former CEO […]

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For several decades, the world’s busiest air route was the “Puente Aereo” (air bridge) between Madrid and Barcelona. At a distance of about 400 miles on the ground, it’s also a perfect distance for high speed rail. Ever since the AVE line was completed to Barcelona’s Sants station early last year, high speed rail has […]

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