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Over at the Mountain View Patch, Jarrett Mullen writes about the viaduct in the room – and the contradictions at the heart of the “blended” proposal for the Caltrain/HSR rail corridor. Mullen talks about the Prop 1A requirement for connecting SF to LA in 2 hours, 40 minutes, requiring trains to travel at 125mph along […]

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Back in September 2001, I joined about 150 other people at Westlake Center in Seattle to protest the looming invasion of Afghanistan. People looked at us as if we were crazy – or dangerous. Over nine years later, the US occupation of Afghanistan continues with no end in sight. On February 15, 2003, I joined […]

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Quite a lot to talk about from the last day or so, focused on the San Francisco to San José segment: • Caltrain’s “phased” plan: The biggest news is Caltrain’s call for an “initial operating segment” to be constructed on the SJ-SF rail corridor: CalTrain-9-13-2010 What this means isn’t exactly clear, and the devil is […]

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by Rafael as part of the recent Happy Holidays Open Thread, I took a potshot at local opposition to the at-grade option for HSR through Anaheim. The ensuing discussion prompted me to devote a full post to the subject. First, some general context. Funding vs. Tunneling The most recent update to CHSRA’s business plan, which […]

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