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Rather than ask a bunch of HSR experts about the reasons why President Obama’s high speed rail plans are struggling (answer: Republicans), the New York Times asked a bunch of HSR critics and opponents. It should be no surprise that the resulting article misses some important points: While Republican opposition and community protests have slowed […]

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New York City is the centerpiece of America’s only high speed rail route. The Amtrak Acela has a top speed of 150 mph, though it has to often go slower on older tracks, and is profitable. Upgrading the Acela corridor to handle higher speeds is a priority that even Republicans agree on. But New York […]

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In a move driven by the desire for new equipment on the Acela, but with implications for high speed rail in California, Amtrak is going to ask the Federal Railroad Administration to allow it to purchase and use standard HSR trainsets rather than the artificially heavy ones that current FRA crash regulations require: Amtrak will […]

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The quite successful, profit-generating Amtrak Acela is currently the only service resembling high speed rail in the United States. With an occasional top speed of 150 mph, and an average of 80 mph, it has been able to attract a lot of travelers and has a bigger share of the travel market on the Northeast […]

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