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The Legislative Analyst’s Office is a good source for statistical analysis of the state budget. If you want to know the potential financial impact of a particular proposal, or how much revenue a new tax might bring in, or what the state’s long-term debt looks like, they’re likely to give you good, informative answers. But […]

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Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to use cap-and-trade funds for high speed rail has generated some ill-informed criticism from environmentalists and right-wingers. Last week I explained how HSR is an appropriate use of those revenues. Apparently the California Air Resources Board wanted to speak up for themselves, which is exactly what they ought to do. So […]

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UPDATE: California EPA Secretary Matt Rodriquez tells Capitol Radio that using cap-and-trade funds for HSR “is appropriate. Need long-term greenhouse gas reductions, beyond 2020 goal.” Original post begins here: Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to use $250 million out of $1.3 billion in cap-and-trade revenues (that’s 19%) for high speed rail is generating controversy. Very depressing […]

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News that Governor Jerry Brown is planning to spend $250 million this year on high speed rail from cap-and-trade funds, presumably the floor for an annual amount of funding from that source, should be welcomed by California environmentalists and everyone concerned about climate change. But there are some strange criticisms being made: “Inherent in AB […]

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