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Today NPR’s Marketplace examined the effect of high speed rail on Palmdale and the likely boost to the local economy that it will bring – particularly by shortening commutes. A commuter train takes about two hours to get to Los Angeles. The bullet train could cut that time to 20 minutes. Sammy Hults lives in […]

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Some welcome news out of Kings County, where Hanford is considering a station planning grant: The council previously considered accepting the $600,000 grant from the California High Speed Rail Authority on June 2. The authority plans to fund the grant using $200,000 of Proposition 1A money and $400,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act […]

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Been offline for most of the last week at Netroots Nation in Phoenix. Got a chance to use the city’s light rail system, which is useful even in the hot sprawl of central Arizona. • Jeff Wood’s latest podcast covers lessons from France and Germany in a conversation with a planner at the FTA. Worth […]

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Another summer, another reminder of why California desperately needs more passenger rail: Eye-popping gasoline prices in Los Angeles are driving Dean Smith into a second job. The 54-year-old L.A. city clerk shook his fist Monday at a 76 gasoline station pump where gas reached $4.65 a gallon. He said he now works on the side […]

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