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Caltrans is beginning its work on the 2018 California Rail Plan – and it includes a survey they’re asking Californians to take. You don’t have to be a regular train rider to take the survey. Here’s what Caltrans has to say about it: We are just starting work on the new 2018 Rail Plan and […]

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Today Judge Michael Kenny, no stranger to high speed rail litigation, is hearing the case brought by John Tos, Aaron Fukuda, and the Kings County Board of Supervisors against the California High Speed Rail Authority. This is the last major piece of litigation facing the project out of the numerous lawsuits that were filed in […]

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So far, the costs of building high speed rail have come in under budget, going by the contracts issued so far for construction segments in the Central Valley. That’s a very good sign for a project that critics deride as a costly boondoggle. But many of those critics think the real bill is yet to […]

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Well this certainly is an out of the blue yet incredibly welcome surprise: President Barack Obama is about to unveil an ambitious plan for a “21st century clean transportation system.” And he hopes to fund it with a tax on oil. Obama aides told POLITICO that when he releases his final budget request next week, […]

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