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California is on an epic collision course with soon-to-be-president Donald Trump. Governor Jerry Brown, incoming AG Xavier Becerra, and the legislative leadership are determined to defend California’s people and values against the new regime in DC. It remains to be seen what this means exactly for California’s high speed rail project. Federal funding now seems […]

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Last week brought more silver linings to California amidst the gathering storm clouds of the Trumpocalypse, as demand rebounded for cap-and-trade permits: Demand for California pollution permits rebounded in the latest carbon auction after plummeting earlier this year, state officials said Tuesday. Still, the permits did not sell out, heightening uncertainty about the program’s future. […]

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The votes are in – most of them, anyway – and Californians have delivered some big, if indirect, victories for high speed rail. Let’s review: • Prop 53 goes down to defeat. Prop 53 fell behind on election night, but it took two weeks of counting until defeat became official. The numbers as of November […]

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Apologies for the long gap in posts. I’m not stunned into silence by Trump’s victory – I’ve been waiting for more CA election results so as to post a review of what happened and what it means for HSR. But with 3.4 million ballots left to count, such finality may be a few weeks away. […]

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