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The impact of high speed rail on rural landowners is rapidly becoming the top obstacle facing HSR projects not just in California, but also in Texas. A state representative from a town just north of Houston, along the proposed Dallas to Houston HSR route, filed a bill last week intended to stop the privately-funded project: […]

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It’s become clear in recent weeks that one of the main challenges facing the California high speed rail project, now that it’s navigated most of the initial political, legal, and financial hurdles, is the anemic pace of land acquisition. Tim Sheehan at the Fresno Bee takes a closer look at the issue and concludes part […]

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Recently a story has been making the rounds that a company plans to build a hyperloop test track in the Central Valley: The idea is to build a five-mile track in Quay Valley, a planned community (itself a grandiose idea) that will be built from scratch on 7,500 acres of land around Interstate 5, midway […]

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Tutor Perini has a reputation for bidding low and then making more money on a contract via change orders and litigation. Are we seeing the first signs of that on high speed rail? Our old buddy Ralph Vartabedian drew attention to a possible Tutor claim against the state for HSR delays: The contractor building the […]

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