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Every year, in every county in California, a group of citizens is appointed to serve as the Grand Jury for 12 months beginning July 1. While most people know of the Grand Jury’s role in issuing criminal indictments, in California the Grand Jury also conducts its own independent evaluations of county government. They can examine […]

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Tonight’s season finale of True Detective gave starring roles to the gorgeous Santa Ana train station, the lovely yet controversial ARTIC, and a recreation of the recent first spike ceremony, complete with CHSRA branding. Ultimately the HSR project was little more than the MacGuffin of the season, featuring conspiracies ripped from the most vehemently anti-HSR […]

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Well this is disappointing news: By a 3 to 2 vote, the Hanford City Council turned down a chance to secure a matching grant to begin the planning for a regional high speed rail station. Hanford City Manager Darrel Pyle had urged the council to consider the planning grant but opposition to the project remains […]

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Some good news for the Texas Central high speed rail project this week: The board of directors of Texas Central Partners appointed Tim Keith of Dallas as the new CEO and announced the closing of a round of development funding that brings $75 million dollars in new capital, all from Texas-based investors, into the company. […]

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