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In addition to the flaws described yesterday in the Ralph Vartabedian article on high speed rail fares, several people have discovered serious errors in the article’s core assertion: that the proposed fares for the California HSR system are unusually low when compared to other HSR systems around the world. Vartabedian made that charge in order […]

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When I saw the headline “Doing the math on California bullet train fares” for a brief moment I thought this might be an interesting and informative story about what riders might expect a fare to be in the late 2020s when the system opens from LA to SF. Then I saw that Ralph Vartabedian was […]

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting the United States this week, and his trip began in California. According to the Wall Street Journal, a big part of his California stop is to act as the “salesman-in-chief” for Japan’s high speed rail in the hopes that California will choose it for its own HSR project. Abe […]

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Earlier this week over a thousand residents of Santa Clarita and nearby communities held a rally to demand that some other neighborhood be stuck with the HSR tracks that they don’t want. Their message rang loud and clear: Get the bullet train out of our communities and put it underground. More than 1,300 vocal residents […]

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