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The Merced Sun-Star Editorial Board tells the story of how local elected officials fought to get Merced back into the Initial Operating Segment – and ensure that nearly 1 million people get access to a fast ride to Silicon Valley: “I know very few people who commute from Fresno to the Bay Area,” said Adam […]

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After hearing public feedback on the draft 2016 Business Plan, the California High Speed Rail Authority is making some revisions to the Business Plan, including building tracks to Merced: • Merced. The city had been omitted from the initial operating segment (IOS) in the February plan after being part of the IOS in previous business […]

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The Los Angeles Times has a new editorial asking Who is going to pay for the bullet train to LA? That’s a reasonable question to ask. But why is it that only the California High Speed Rail Authority has to answer it? But left unsaid in the draft 2016 business plan is how exactly the […]

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Except for a short interlude in 1995-96 when they had a one seat majority, Republicans have been in the minority in the Assembly for nearly 50 years. That isn’t going to change anytime soon. And so there’s never any real danger of Republicans being able to pass anti-high speed rail legislation through the legislature – […]

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