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The Legislative Analyst’s Office is out with a new report that suggests actual cap-and-trade revenues will be well above the conservative estimates made in the Governor’s budget proposal: Based on our analysis of different factors (such as prior auctions and studies that projected future allowance prices), we consider the moderate-revenue scenario the most likely of […]

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Siemens, the German railcar manufacturer with a factory in Sacramento where they hope to build trainsets for California high speed rail, mocked up a high speed train at the State Capitol this week: Photo by Keith Dunn The German engineering company is exhibiting one of its high-speed train cars in front of the State Capitol […]

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Late last week Bloomberg News examined the “Race to Build California Bullet Train” – and how it could spur the development of a new domestic manufacturing industry: California has set off a global race to supply train cars for the state’s nascent high-speed rail line, a $1 billion contract proponents say could fuel a U.S. […]

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This blog has the sad duty to report that the era of cheap gas is over – by which I mean the “era” that lasted from the fall of 2014 to the end of January 2015. The global collapse in oil prices was not going to last, no matter how much people wished and hoped […]

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