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Contractors are about to begin construction on the Fresno Trench, including a section that will go under the 180 freeway. The California High Speed Rail Authority put out this video laying out the stages of construction: The work begins next month and is expected to last for 18 months.

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A Peninsula Assemblymember has introduced new legislation (technically, it’s a rewrite of another bill) that would make it clear the Prop 1A bonds can be sold now in order to help fund Caltrain electrification: AB1889 by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, D-South San Francisco, would change the wording of previous legislation to approve selling the bonds to […]

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Sorry for the long delays – been dealing with a sick kid (he’s better now). I’ve got a few other items to cover in upcoming posts this week, but use this as a new discussion thread.

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One of the more interesting subplots to the news that the China-XpressWest deal is off are the complaints about Buy America rules. XpressWest cited those issues explicitly in explaining their decision to end the deal: The biggest challenge has been a federal funding requirement that high-speed trains be manufactured in the United States, even though […]

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