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History is now sadly repeating itself, as opponents of the Texas HSR project are now employing the same tactics that California HSR project opponents used. Where to start? A Texas Senate transportation committee approved a bill that would remove eminent domain authority from Texas Central: [State Sen.] Kolkhorst said Wednesday that she didn’t want to […]

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While I’m not quite sure what qualifies this as an “emergency” the city of Santa Clarita has decided to hold an “emergency community meeting” to discuss high speed rail alignments. The meeting is on Monday, April 27, at 7PM at the Canyon High School gym. According to an official city press release: Two of the […]

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The possibility of using a tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains to get HSR from Palmdale to Burbank has caused growing opposition among residents of Sunland. That’s the community in the foothills along the 210 where the HSR tracks would exit the tunnel and cross the neighborhood on the way to Burbank. In the unlikely […]

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When Texas Central announced their high speed rail proposal, they threw more than a little shade at California’s project: “We are not the traditional state-run railroad,” Robert Eckels, the company’s president and a former Harris County judge, said at a high-speed rail forum in Irving on Tuesday. “This is designed to be a profitable high-speed […]

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