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by Rafael Just a quick post to let you know I’ve added a Glossary page. The link is located just underneath the banner logo, in-between “Comments Policy” and “Log Out”. This will be updated every now and then, but I hope even this initial version will prove useful to any readers unfamiliar with the railroad […]

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by Rafael UPDATE: I have added an optional VTA light rail network expansion between San Fernando Ave and Component Dr via the SJC Terminals to the map. This expansion would be possible only if the existing heavy rail station at Cahill St and its approaches were indeed abandoned, which would render UPRR’s single track Milpitas […]

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by Rafael Introduction One of the decisions that CHSRA has yet to make is whether there should be an HSR station between Millbrae/SFO and San Jose Diridon and if so, where it should be sited. The candidates under consideration are Redwood City, Palo Alto and Mountain View. We last posted on this still-open issue of […]

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by Rafael (warning: long post) Introduction Caltrain Firebird is a new infrastructure and operations concept I have developed to illustrate how integrated planning and modern technology could reduce HSR implementation cost in the SF peninsula while delivering the desired aggregate throughput capacity for the corridor plus improved Caltrain service, probably at a lower operating subsidy […]

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