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In retrospect, we all should have seen 2016 coming. Both the federal and the state election results were the product of trends that had begun in 2010. California voters continue to embrace a sustainable, innovative future – and continue to support high speed rail as a part of that future. The defeat of Prop 53 […]

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For those of you traveling between the Bay Area and Southern California – or between the Central Valley and either of those two coastal metropolises – you’re probably already thinking about how much easier your trip would be if you could take it on a high speed train. Unless of course, your idea of fun […]

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At yesterday’s board meeting the California High Speed Rail Authority voted to authorize $3.2 billion for tracks from Fresno to Madera, and for Caltrain electrification: The high-speed rail board approved $3.2 billion in funding Tuesday for two segments: $2.6 billion for a 119-mile leg connecting Fresno to Madera and $600 million to electrify a 55-mile […]

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California is on an epic collision course with soon-to-be-president Donald Trump. Governor Jerry Brown, incoming AG Xavier Becerra, and the legislative leadership are determined to defend California’s people and values against the new regime in DC. It remains to be seen what this means exactly for California’s high speed rail project. Federal funding now seems […]

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