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Opponents of the high speed rail project were able to get Proposition 53 onto the ballot, and now they’re hoping a favorable ballot title can carry them to victory. As a result, Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies are spending big to help kill this odious measure: With less than three weeks until Election Day, […]

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It’s been a long discussion spanning many years…and still no resolution on where the HSR maintenance facility will be built: The city of Fresno is presenting a 200-acre parcel bordered by Cedar to the west, train tracks to the east, and American to the north as the ideal place to put a heavy maintenance facility. […]

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Ralph Vartabedian waxes poetic about how that mean old HSR project would devastate the bucolic Big Tujunga Wash in his latest article, but the real story stems from political opposition crystallizing to using it as a route to get from Palmdale to Burbank: The Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles Unified School District […]

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