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Governor Jerry Brown is one of the most popular governors in recent memory. But he doesn’t lend that prestige often. When he does, it can have a significant impact on voter choices. That’s why this new ad from Gov. Brown against Proposition 53 is so important – and the ad itself is a devastating attack […]

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This shouldn’t come as any surprise, but the latest financial disclosure documents show that the estimated cost of the Hyperloop has soared. It’s further indication this thing is not ready for prime time and surely is not any kind of substitute for high speed rail: In his 2013 paper that set the tech world abuzz […]

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One way you can spot an anti-HSR media bias is that the only consistent thing in a particular reporter’s coverage is that every story will make the project look as bad as possible – even if that contradicts previous criticisms. And so it is with Ralph Vartabedian’s latest story about the CHSRA’s decision to shorten […]

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Seven years ago, during his first run for governor, Gavin Newsom told me he strongly supports high speed rail. He backed Proposition 1A in 2008 and said at the time that he supported continued funding. Two and a half years ago, shortly into his second run for governor, Gavin Newsom changed his position and said […]

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