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Last week the California High Speed Rail Authority announced significant new changes to the proposed routes through the San Gabriel Mountains between Palmdale and Burbank. The changes extend the underground portion of the tracks all the way to Burbank itself, and now bypass Santa Clarita entirely. Here’s how the CHSRA described these changes in an […]

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That new ballot initiative we discussed on Sunday isn’t doing so well with the public. The opposition to the initiative tweeted out this morning polling results from FM 3 that found only 42% of voters back the initiative – typically a death sentence for any ballot initiative: New Poll: Water grab measure has weak support […]

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The right-wing proposal to steal the remaining high speed rail bond funds and put them toward building new reservoirs isn’t getting off to a great start. Last week a group of Central Valley farmers lined up to denounce the proposal as a raid on their water rights: They singled out for criticism a section that […]

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In a ruling that should not surprise anybody, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny sided with the California High Speed Rail Authority against Kings County and Peninsula NIMBYs who had sued to stop the HSR project. Plaintiffs claimed that the current plans did not meet Proposition 1A requirements. The judge did not agree. We’ll post […]

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