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To say that the Bakersfield City Council is not pleased by the proposal for a temporary, interim termination of the Initial Operating Segment just short of their city would be putting it mildly: Admitting the California High Speed Rail Authority would likely pay it no attention, the City Council still voted 7-0 to approve comments […]

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The Assembly Transportation Committee held hearings on the 2016 Business Plan of the high speed rail project, an event that turned into a forum for moderate Democrats to vent some of their frustrations with California High Speed Rail leaders. But first up were questions about the cap-and-trade funds, rooted in a typically flawed and alarmist […]

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The effort to steal water and HSR money isn’t going to be on the ballot this year after all. A series of bad polls combined with the high cost of gathering signatures means that proponents are delaying to 2018 – if ever: The campaign, led by Republican Bob Huff, the former Senate minority leader, and […]

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The Public Policy Institute of California is out with its latest statewide poll and, as in past years, they find that high speed rail continues to enjoy majority support among state residents: Eight years after state voters passed the $10 billion bond to build high-speed rail with 53 percent support, 52 percent of adults and […]

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