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Roger Rudick has written a jeremiad about legislators like Jim Patterson who are complaining about the California High Speed Rail Authority’s decision to build a northern Initial Operating Segment: Jim Patterson, Republican Assemblyman representing parts of Fresno and Tulare Counties, in an interview on KQED’s Forum, said the change is a tacit admission that the […]

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I have a bunch of open tabs, and the previous post has nearly 500 comments (and I removed the pagination!), so it’s time for a new post. Here’s a bunch of items I haven’t had time to get to yet. Enjoy! • Anaheim continues to debate the value of HSR and ARTIC. While there’s no […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority yesterday unveiled its draft 2016 Business Plan – including the decision to move the Initial Operating Segment to Northern California. The highlights, as described in the plan’s executive summary: Funding – The funding authorized by the Governor and Legislature, by the federal government and the people of California is […]

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Jessica Calefati at the San Jose Mercury News has the scoop that the California High Speed Rail Authority will indeed build the Initial Operating Segment in Northern California, as has been rumored for weeks: In a huge win for the Bay Area, the state will build the first 250 miles of bullet train track between […]

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