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Compared to the last ten years or so, 2015 has been a relatively quiet year for California high speed rail. But that’s only relative, as a lot has taken place on a project that continues to make significant progress. Some highlights of 2015: • HSR construction finally begins. Nearly a year ago the formal groundbreaking […]

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President Barack Obama is nearing the end of his tenure in office, with just over a year left to go before a new president is inaugurated on January 20, 2017. There’s no doubt that he, and many of us, hoped high speed rail would be further along and in more states than it is right […]

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This seems like a pretty big blow to not just the Anaheim streetcar, but to the ARTIC station as well. A committee of the Orange County Transportation Authority board of directors is recommending Anaheim abandon its streetcar plans that would link the Disneyland resort to the future HSR station at ARTIC: Citing the over $300 […]

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Ralph Vartabedian is really working overtime to try and spin this into a much bigger story than it is. First-term Assemblymember Patty Lopez has turned against high speed rail – but as we’ll see, that isn’t quite the kind of story Vartabedian thinks it is: The rock-solid Democratic support in Sacramento for the bullet train, […]

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