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The California High Speed Rail Authority is seeking permission to drill in the San Gabriel Mountains as part of their study of a possible tunnel from Palmdale to the LA basin: The California High Speed Rail Authority has asked permission to test-drill deep beneath the Angeles National Forest to determine the feasibility of digging a […]

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During the Great Recession, China chose to stimulate its economy through massive infrastructure projects – including building out a national high speed rail system. But after a few years, criticism began to mount amidst growing problems. The Wenzhou disaster in 2011 showed China had serious problems in terms of managing the rapid growth of the […]

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XpressWest, which just inked a deal with China to help build HSR from Southern California to Southern Nevada, isn’t the only proposed new passenger rail line along that route. There’s also the X Train, a proposal by Las Vegas Railway Express to operate a private luxury passenger rail line from LA to the Strip. Unlike […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority is hosting a couple of meetings this week to discuss various segments of the HSR route. First up is a meeting in Shafter on Wednesday, September 23, from 4-7 pm in the Shafter Veterans Hall. The topic there will be the proposed route in and around the city of […]

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