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California’s cap-and-trade system continues to hum along, and the state has begun to dole out the revenues: The biggest beneficiary is the state’s high-speed rail line, which so far has reaped $750 million. Transit agencies in the San Francisco and greater Los Angeles regions each garnered $41 million. A reclamation district in Sacramento County received […]

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Wired reported this week that the Hyperloop is “starting to look a little less crazy”. Let’s take a closer look at that eyebrow-raising statement: The Hyperloop, detailed by the SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in a 57-page alpha white paper in August 2013, is a transportation network of above-ground tubes that could span […]

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An AK-47 wielding gunman opened fire today on a Thalys train headed from Amsterdam to Paris. He was subdued by two US Marines three Americans who happened to be on the train: French media said the gunman had shot a Kalashnikov on board the train, and was also armed with knives. The local paper La […]

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Continue the discussion here. A quiet HSR summer, unless you’re actually working on the project out in the Fresno heat.

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