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The California High Speed Rail Authority has published several new animations of the alternatives for the Palmdale to Burbank segment of the project. These include routes on the Highway 14 corridor and the various proposals to tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains. Each is embedded below. First up, the Highway 14 alignment, which is the […]

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There’s a great op-ed in the Sacramento Bee by Curt Johansen, president of the Council of Infill Builders, showing how high speed rail will fuel infill development – and why that is good for the climate: Urban sprawl must end if we are to curb greenhouse gas emissions. This will be achieved only by forward-thinking […]

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When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, we used to take regular camping trips to nearby state parks. Usually it was to a state beach. As we lived in Orange County, we often visited San Onofre, or San Clemente, sometimes Doheny. One of my favorite trips, however, was up the coast to […]

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The fate of the Texas Central high speed rail project rests on “intense negotiations” now taking place in Austin: Tucked in Page 682 of the budget passed by the Senate in April is Rider 48, a provision that would bar the Texas Department of Transportation from spending any state funds toward “subsidizing or assisting in […]

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