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One of the nation’s federally recognized high speed rail corridors is the Pacific Northwest corridor, running from Vancouver, British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon. That route already has a successful passenger rail service, the Amtrak Cascades, and both Washington and Oregon have been investing in new tracks and trainsets to provide faster and more frequent service. […]

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One of the more absurd attacks being leveled against California high speed rail lately is that it’s somehow “drought-intolerant.” This is absurd, as CityLab’s Laura Bliss explains: Yes, it does. To pan high-speed rail (HSR) on the basis of the drought is short-sighted. Low-density development uses more water than high-density development does. HSR will encourage […]

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A new company is setting up shop in downtown LA to work on the Hyperloop: Now Hyperloop Technologies Inc., one company working on the project, has taken up residence for Hyperloop World Headquarters in a 6,500-square-foot industrial space in a gentrifying section of the Arts District. Wedged into a corner abutting Interstate 10, the Los […]

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The UK general election is just over a month away, and already the bargaining is beginning. Polls suggest that Labour could win a plurality of seats, though an outright majority is unlikely. One reason why it’s unlikely is that Labour’s vote in Scotland has collapsed. Labour’s support of austerity policies, while not as extreme as […]

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