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Right-wing columnist Steven Greenhut has what he thinks is a dramatic scoop: high speed rail backers are downplaying our mandate – one that he believes has vanished: Meanwhile, a major poll last year has shown a majority of California voters now opposed to the project — and stronger majorities that favor subjecting the rail system […]

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Political leaders in Sacramento are debating how exactly to allocate cap-and-trade revenues, and high speed rail is a part of that discussion – as Dan Walters explains: Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2014-15 budget would spend $850 million, with his financially troubled bullet train receiving $250 million, plus a guaranteed one-third of future revenues. [Legislative Analyst Mac] […]

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I’m not a fan of rainy day funds. If there’s a recession and government revenues decline, they should make up the difference through borrowing or through raising taxes on the rich, rather than putting revenues away during the good years. Especially when we still haven’t restored the brutal cuts of 2007-09, and when there’s 35 […]

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It’s Earth Day 2014, but few in the climate activism movement feel much like celebrating. After a hopeful few years in the late ’00s, progress on reducing CO2 emissions has ground nearly to a halt everywhere in North America outside of California. And even within California that progress has slowed. The climate crisis continues to […]

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