Thea Selby Appointed to CHSRA Board

Mar 18th, 2014 | Posted by

On Friday Speaker John A. Pérez appointed Thea Selby of San Francisco to fill Tom Umberg’s newly vacant seat on the California High Speed Rail Authority board. Selby is a longtime transit advocate, having been involved in the San Francisco Transit Riders Union for many years as well as serving on the advisory board to Californians For High Speed rail. Selby is also active in the California Democratic Party and made an unsuccessful run for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2012.

More about Selby from Tim Sheehan of the Fresno Bee:

Selby said a friend and mentor, former Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Fiona Ma, had alerted her to the possibility of an opening on the rail board and urged her to apply.

“I’ve been passionate about transportation for quite some time now,” Selby said. She became a fan of high-speed rail after riding fast trains in Japan and Europe, “and I came immediately aware of the benefits of high-speed rail. … When I started hearing about the possibility of high-speed rail in California, I got very excited.”

This is a fantastic appointment. Selby will bring a fresh approach to the California High Speed Rail board. The SF TRU, where Selby has served as vice-chair, has been very active in working to improve Muni service, bringing the perspective of the riders to policymaking. The SF TRU’s accomplishments include some very sensible solutions that transit advocates will recognize: all-door boarding, getting the most rider-friendly option chosen for Van Ness BRT, and working to move ahead the long-stalled Geary BRT project. And many of you know the excellent work Californians For High Speed Rail has done across the state in support of the project.

It’s important that these rider-centric perspectives be brought to the management of the project, as those are just as important to its financial and practical success as the other factors which all board members are of course responsible for overseeing.

I’m excited to see Thea join the CHSRA board and I think she will do an excellent job there. Congratulations!

  1. Jerry
    Mar 18th, 2014 at 14:02

    Good luck Thea.

  2. Keith Saggers
    Mar 18th, 2014 at 16:12
  3. Thomas
    Mar 18th, 2014 at 19:07

    Lets say that CA is unable to come up with its share of funds (Prop 1A or cap and trade). Realistically, would the FRA take back the $3.3 billion?

  4. joe
    Mar 18th, 2014 at 19:25

    The Feds haven’t sent the 3.3 B. They’d withhold additional funds.

    CA would have to match what Fed money was spent by continuing construction or stop and pay that money to the Feds. CA would obviously continue to work at a reduced level and not pay a cent back.

    Thomas Reply:

    They have sent increments of the $3.3 b so far. So if July 1 comes, and CA doesn’t have the $180 m match, then the feds stops the funding stream? But would it be possible that the feds keep extending the “deadline” for state match, so that eventually much or all of the fed money is used?

    synonymouse Reply:

    Do long as the Obama government is in place the deadline will be extended and no attempt will be made to recover any matching funds.

    SF Muni as a template for PB-CHSRA. That’s choice. Definitely 13 undocumented no-shows.

    Geary BRT? Whatta joke. Placeholder for broad gauge. All SF officialdom wants to do is sell off transit real estate. They have done it over and over and over for decades. Watch out Presidio Yard. They’re morons.

    synonymouse Reply:

    So long

    Neville Snark Reply:

    No no stay?

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