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Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle, a reporter who I like a lot, decided to stir the pot yesterday with an article looking at Gavin Newsom’s newfound opposition to high speed rail. Marinucci touted other Newsom positions he took earlier than others that became widely adopted, like support for marriage equality and marijuana legalization. […]

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The Tea Party (and their newest friend, Gavin Newsom) may be continuing their war against high speed rail. But California’s labor unions, a key Democratic constituency, remain deeply supportive of the project. Robbie Hunter of the State Building and Construction Trades Council explains why: Simply put, California cannot afford not to do this. Our transportation […]

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Late Friday, Governor Jerry Brown and California’s future got some good if temporary news when the Third District Court of Appeals (state, not federal) granted Brown’s request for a stay on Judge Michael Kenny’s ruling blocking the release of more bond funds while the court hears the governor’s appeal: In a brief announcement, the appeals […]

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I don’t remember the first time I talked to Gavin Newsom about high speed rail. It might have been at the California Democratic Party convention in San José in 2008. Or Netroots Nation in Austin, Texas that same year. We definitely talked about it at the CDP convention in Sacramento in 2009. Gavin was running […]

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