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Governor Jerry Brown, the California High Speed Rail Authority, and Treasurer Bill Lockyer are appealing to the California Supreme Court to overturn Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny’s ruling last year that the state cannot sell Prop 1A bonds because Congressional Republicans refuse to authorize new federal funding, throwing the earlier funding plan into question: […]

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Elon Musk’s gadgetbahn concept of a hyperloop that can travel at speeds up to 900 mph from San Francisco to Los Angeles gets trotted out by those who want to troll high speed rail into oblivion. The hyperloop has serious flaws to it that suggest it is an impractical idea. Yet one entrepreneur, Nick Garzilli, […]

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Ryanair is one of Europe’s leading low-cost airlines, known for dirt cheap no-frills flights. It’s their version of Southwest except with even lower fares and less on-board services. But they’ve just announced they are abandoning the Milan to Rome route – and the reason is high speed rail: Ryanair will cease flying between Italy’s two […]

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When it comes to fighting CO2 emissions, doing something meaningful to stop climate change, and reduce air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels, it’s hard to find a better ally than the Sierra Club. Right now some of their most high profile work is involved in stopping fossil fuel supply. They’re leaders in the fight […]

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