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2014 was the best year for California high speed rail since at least 2008, when voters approved the Proposition 1A bonds. But there’s an argument it might have been even better than that. Let’s take a quick look back at the year that was. • Cap and trade money secures California HSR’s future. The June […]

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Some of the stories that broke over the last two weeks that I wasn’t able to write about: • The California High Speed Rail Authority and the City of Bakersfield reached a settlement in Bakersfield’s lawsuit against the Authority. One of the key outcomes is that the CHSRA will study a completely new alignment in […]

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Yes, there’s lots of California HSR news to cover in a surprisingly eventful December 2014, and I’ve been mostly offline in Southern California and not updating the blog. But before I catch up on that news, I want to draw attention to a truly absurd and alarming development: HSR denialism is now spreading to France, […]

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Yes, the hyperloop is mostly hype. But some people are trying to turn it into reality, as Wired UK reports: Fortunately for futurists and people who enjoy picking apart complicated plans, an El Segundo, California-based startup has taken Musk up on his challenge to develop and build the Hyperloop. JumpStartFund combines elements of crowdfunding and […]

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