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It’s no surprise that longtime critics and opponents of the California high speed rail project have seized upon recent setbacks to try and reshape the project in their preferred image. Even though they’ve lost every other political battle, and even though the court case had nothing to do with the route chosen, there remain those […]

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Over at The Atlantic Cities, Eric Jaffe endorses the call for California to fund high speed rail itself. And he reminds readers that there is precedent for such an approach, referring back to a November 2011 post he wrote: There is a parallel to be drawn here in rail history. In 1835, Boston became the […]

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And by “funny” I actually mean “not remotely funny at all.” Dennis Wyatt of the Manteca Bulletin has criticized the high speed rail project before, and this blog has pointed out the numerous flaws with those criticisms. He’s at it again this week with an op-ed that I could not resist reading, especially with the […]

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A battle that has been simmering for years finally exploded into the open today in San Francisco, where protestors blocked one of Google’s private buses that carries workers from their homes in the Mission to Google HQ in Mountain View. Protestors charged that Google was contributing to a two-tier transportation system in the Bay Area, […]

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