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New recommendations are out for Metro’s board to consider for the Los Angeles Union Station master plan, which includes the long-awaited run-through tracks that will help improve passenger rail service in Southern California. It includes a new east-west passenger concourse that would eventually help serve high speed rail, and would relocate the Patsaouras Transit Plaza […]

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On Friday the Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters, a longtime opponent of high speed rail, claimed that the California High Speed Rail Authority’s decision to challenge its critics in court was a “test of political integrity” for Governor Jerry Brown, insinuating that the actions being taken in support of the HSR project lacked such integrity. It […]

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Joe Mathews is one of my favorite writers on California issues. I find myself disagreeing with him more often than I agree, but he comes from a good and well-meaning place, even if that place is a bit too center-right for my taste. His column today about a trip he took on the Amtrak San […]

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Juliet Williams is a very good reporter for the AP in Sacramento, so when I take issue with some of the things in her article today on high speed rail construction impacts, I’m not criticizing her. Instead I’m wondering whether the impacts described are significant, out of the ordinary, or anything really worth worrying about: […]

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