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One of the most frustrating federal regulations regarding passenger rail has been the Federal Railroad Administration rules requiring American passenger trains using tracks shared by freight trains to be built substantially heavier than most other passenger trains around the world. This makes it impossible for American passenger rail operators to buy off-the-shelf trainsets from Europe […]

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This story should come as no surprise, but it’s still galling to see it. A former Florida State Senator has said that Florida Governor Rick Scott promised to accept federal HSR funds shortly before publicly announcing in 2011 he would reject those funds – and that he may have done so in order to make […]

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Another year, another Congressional Republican attack on Amtrak’s popular long distance rail service. This time California Republican Jeff Denham is among those seeking to shut down the high ridership service: In a May hearing, Rep. Jeff Denham, a California Republican and chairman of the railroads subcommittee in the House of Representatives, noted that Amtrak’s long-distance […]

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Today the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington, joined by the premier of British Columbia, announced a new Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy today in San Francisco. The plan lays out several steps the four states and provinces agree to take together to reduce carbon emissions and support clean energy. One of […]

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