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Just five years ago China was just beginning to develop its high speed rail network. It wasn’t much further along than the United States. But with a huge amount of economic stimulus funding, China has networked much of their country, one that is roughly the size of the continental USA. And as the New York […]

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Back in July it emerged that XpressWest’s federal loan application was being put on hold owing largely to concerns that the project would not meet federal Buy America rules. Nevada Senator Harry Reid vowed to work to save the project, and according to a radio interview he gave in Nevada last week, he is still […]

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State Senator Andy Vidak, a Republican who just won a special election in the San Joaquin Valley this summer over a Democratic opponent, wants a re-vote on high speed rail, presumably so that voters would do the Tea Party’s bidding and kill it. California Republicans have still not grasped the extent to which the state […]

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Fresno County has been hit hard by the Great Recession and its extremely weak recovery. Currently their unemployment rate is 13.4%, a rate that has not budged significantly in over three years. Stubbornly high unemployment in the region is a drag on the rest of the state along with an obvious social and economic crisis. […]

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