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One of the most common ripostes to the great shift away from driving is that because the decline in vehicle miles traveled has been taking place at the same time as the Great Recession and a weak recovery, it’s not really evidence of a lasting change in American transportation habits. But evidence is mounting that […]

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The law schools of UC Berkeley and UCLA have published a new report titled “A High Speed Foundation: How to Build a Better California Around High Speed Rail” that urges the Central Valley to find ways to ensure HSR limits sprawl rather than fuels it. The report lays out the risk that without a focused […]

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Apparently engaged in an all-out effort to prevent HSR stimulus funds from being spent on construction by the September 2017 deadline, Kings County is blocking high speed rail soil work even as Tulare County approves it: Kings County has refused to cooperate with such testing, saying the project does not comply with the county’s general […]

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In the wake of Judge Michael Kenny’s ambiguous ruling earlier this month in the anti-HSR lawsuit, project critics and opponents are busy calling for a major revision to the project. State Senator Andy Vidak, recently elected to an open seat in the Central Valley, wants a statewide re-vote on HSR in 2014 to be authorized […]

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