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I’m at Netroots Nation in San José this week, just a few blocks away from Diridon Station. By the 2030s one should be able to walk over there, board a train, and a little more than two hours later be in downtown LA. Should that trip take me over Tejon Pass or over Tehachapi Pass? […]

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The Fresno Bee is out with a damning new editorial, saying that Representative Jeff Denham “Betrays the Valley”: In the Central Valley — where unemployment averages more than 15%, more than 40% in some cities — the [HSR] project would bring jobs and better connections with the coastal economies. It would relieve traffic congestion on […]

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Below is a guest post from Clem Tillier, who also writes the Caltrain-HSR Compatibility Blog If you try to reach Los Angeles from the Central Valley and points north, the Tehachapi Mountains stand squarely in the way.   This mountain range, crisscrossed by earthquake faults, forms a great barrier to California’s high-speed rail network and […]

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Congressional Republicans and others opposed to the California high speed rail project had been hoping the Surface Transportation Board would give them a big win and block construction of the HSR project this summer. But that won’t be happening. Instead the STB today ruled in favor of the California HSR project, granting the section from […]

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