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The Merced Sun-Star lays out the current state of high speed rail politics in Congress, which is the same as it’s been since January 2011 – Republicans hate HSR and are doing everything in their power to kill it. What’s new are not the specific ways they are trying to kill it, but the rhetoric […]

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We haven’t heard much from freshman Representative David Valadao about the California high speed rail project. That all changed today when the Republican from Hanford pushed an amendment through a House committee that would require the Surface Transportation Board to approve the entire California HSR project before giving allowing construction on any segment: Using his […]

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One of the common tricks used by anti-rail forces is to assume that the initial ridership of a rail line is the best it can ever do. As we know, in fact, there’s usually about a five year curve when it comes to new high speed rail lines, where it’s only after five years do […]

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I’m a bit exhausted after the long Netroots Nation weekend. And there are a huge pile of comments on the previous post, so here’s a new open thread. I should be back on a regular posting schedule this week, but guest posts are always welcome – just look at how much attention Clem’s post got. […]

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