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According to the American Lung Association, 8 of the nation’s 10 most polluted cities are in California. And 6 of those are in the Central Valley. What they all have in common is a dependence on the automobile, a situation that a bullet train powered by 100% renewable electricity would certainly help matters. The list, […]

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Taking a look at the latest data from the US Department of Transportation, Doug Short shows that the great shift away from driving is still going strong: The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Commission has released the latest report on Traffic Volume Trends, data through February. Travel on all roads and streets changed by -1.4% […]

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Last week the federal Surface Transportation Board ruled that it has jurisdiction over the California high speed rail project. Anti-HSR forces had been hoping for this ruling out of a belief that it would throw up a big obstacle to further progress on building high speed rail. But once again their hopes may be dashed. […]

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Last week Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed efforts to reform the California Environmental Quality Act to be dead for this legislative session. But Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg disagreed, declaring CEQA reform not dead yet and that it is in fact moving forward in this session: A day after Gov. Jerry Brown said overhauling California’s […]

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