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Over at the Los Angeles Times our old friend Ralph Vartabedian is suggesting there are three obstacles to a July groundbreaking for the high speed rail project: The new challenges are coming from a private railroad that controls a key right of way, a legislative committee delving into contracting issues and a powerful federal agency […]

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Back in February Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg proposed a bare-bones framework for reforming the California Environmental Quality Act. SB 731 had to be filed by a legislative deadline, but Steinberg’s office needed more time to hash out the details of a good reform proposal. He’s done that. Late last week Senator Steinberg provided […]

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It’s being widely reported today that Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx will be nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as the next Transportation Secretary, to replace the retiring Ray LaHood. From the Huffington Post’s story: President Barack Obama will name Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Anthony Foxx as his next Secretary of the Department of Transportation, sources […]

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Today the California Air Resources Board voted to spend cap-and-trade revenues on high speed rail, among other uses: The state Air Resources Board voted today to support the proposal from the state Finance Department to invest the first three years of revenue from the allowance auctions on carbon- reducing projects including high-speed rail, zero-emissions vehicles, […]

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