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I was wondering when the LA Times’ anti-HSR reporter Ralph Vartabedian would swoop in to gloat over Quentin Kopp’s vehement opposition to the blended plan. Well, tonight he finally got around to the story: In his declaration, Kopp says that the bullet train business plan approved last year by the authority violates several voter-imposed requirements, […]

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One of the most important economic benefits of high speed rail to California is its ability to link larger urban areas on the coasts to smaller but significant urban areas further inland. Not only are those inland areas in need of help, but by shortening the travel time from, say, Los Angeles to Bakersfield it […]

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Hey you. Yeah, you reading this blog post. Would you like a free lunch? Any kind of food, from any location, your choice. OK, now what if I told you that you could have any kind of food from any location, but you’d have to pay $20 for it. Would you be less likely to […]

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Yesterday the California High Speed Rail Authority voted to approve the “blended plan” that includes funding for Caltrain modernization and electrification in exchange for HSR trains being able to use those tracks in the interim before more tracks are added. Vice-Chair Lynn Schenk raised concerns about the “blended plan” earlier this month the first time […]

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