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Last week the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) approved a motion asking the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to spend the revenues generated by the AB 32 cap-and-trade for sustainable transportation. As reported by Streetsblog LA: Governor Jerry Brown’s administration states that transportation must be one of the main areas in which cap […]

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In an attempt to undermine the California high speed rail project Congressional Republicans, led by the Central Valley’s Kevin McCarthy and Jeff Denham, sought a review of the project by the federal General Accounting Office. Their hope was that the GAO would find all kinds of major problems with the project that they could use […]

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Today Governor Jerry Brown filled one of the vacancies on the California High Speed Rail Authority board by appointing Katherine Perez-Estolano, a former professor at the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development who has a very rich background in transportation and sustainable land use issues. She has also served as Executive Director of the […]

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So, this is an interesting legal tactic: The state of California has filed a civil case against everyone — literally, the whole world — seeking to validate $8.6 billion in voter-approved bonds for its $69 billion high-speed rail project. The lawsuit, titled “High-Speed Rail Authority v. All Persons Interested,” is meant as a pre-emptive strike […]

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