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Our old friend Ralph Vartabedian is at it again, spinning yet another article biased against the California high speed rail project. This time it’s his claim that the state is late to begin purchasing right-of-way for the Madera-Fresno high speed rail construction segment: Construction of California’s high-speed rail network is supposed to start in just […]

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The main purpose of any transportation project is to help people get to where they want to go. Cost should be a subsidiary factor in the planning of any transportation project. Unfortunately, in the 30 years since right-wing ideology became politically ascendant, keeping costs down so that rich people didn’t have to pay higher taxes […]

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Governor Jerry Brown delivered his 11th State of the State address today in Sacramento, and it must have been his most triumphal speech yet. Brown’s first two terms as governor saw the state swing from crisis to crisis and had many asking if the California Dream was dead. Here in his third term, however, Brown […]

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As Tim Sheehan reports, Wong/Harris have been chosen by the California High Speed Rail Authority to oversee the construction of the Madera to Fresno section of the project, slated to begin later this year: The construction-management contract awarded Wednesday is worth up to $34.9 million to the joint venture of PGH Wong Engineering, a San […]

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