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In what’s billed as an “exit interview” for the outgoing Transportation Secretary, Sam Stein at the Huffington Post sat down to talk to Ray LaHood about his tenure and the future of transportation policy. Among the points LaHood made was that America is falling behind the rest of the world on infrastructure – including high […]

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The California Legislature is currently in a special session dealing with state implications of federal health care reform, but once the regular 2013-14 session resumes, proposals to reform the California Environmental Quality Act will quickly become a top issue. As I argued last week, there are three main groups when it comes to CEQA reform: […]

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After several months of uncertainty and more than a few conflicting statements, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today he is leaving his post this year: I have let President Obama know that I will not serve a second term as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation. It has been an honor and a […]

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Court rulings have consequences. After Chowchilla’s lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority met a frosty reception in a Sacramento judge’s courtroom back in November, the city appears to have reconsidered and has agreed to a settlement with the Authority: The rail authority mollified Chowchilla leaders by agreeing to consider the city’s concerns about […]

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