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This time last year, it wasn’t clear what would happen to high speed rail in the state legislature. The vote to release the voter-approved bonds was coming, and HSR opponents in Sacramento and around the state were working hard to block it and stop the project. By late June, we began to worry that HSR […]

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OK, OK, the headline for this post is something of a tease. Today China began service on the world’s longest HSR line, running nearly 2,300 kilometers from Beijing to Guangzhou: Two trains departed from stations in Beijing and Guangzhou at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., respectively, to mark the opening of the 2,298-km line. Running […]

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Some Bakersfield residents, opposed to the current plan to bring bullet trains into central Bakersfield, are arguing for pause on the EIR for that portion of the route. Their argument is that the planning is flawed – but they’re only saying that because they just don’t want a downtown train station: A kind of “time […]

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On Thursday night Caltrain will host a meeting in San Carlos of local elected officials to discuss the Caltrain electrification and HSR “blended plan.” And as usual, the anti-passenger rail forces will be organizing to try and stop improvements to rail service on the corridor. The Community Coalition on High Speed Rail, the organization founded […]

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