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On the San Mateo County peninsula, a small but determined group of people were able to mobilize NIMBY attitudes to force the California High Speed Rail Authority to postpone plans to fully upgrade the Caltrain corridor to accommodate high speed rail service. Now they’re trying to do the same in Southern California, and they’ve enlisted […]

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With such brilliantly spelled headlines like this, how could I possibly disagree? “Put The Breaks On High-Speed Rail Project”: We recently reviewed some court documents that revealed top managers of California’s high-speed rail project were concerned about project delays. Delays that could threaten federal funding of the project and put taxpayers at risk for having […]

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Recent reports suggest that the “X Train” – a conventional speed passenger rail service from Fullerton to Las Vegas – could become reality next year. And while this isn’t exactly high speed rail, it could demonstrate that there is strong ridership potential for passenger rail service from Southern California to Las Vegas. From the LA […]

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The Bakersfield Californian, Kern County’s main daily newspaper, has a great editorial out calling on local elected officials to drop their recent opposition to the high speed rail project and instead work together to ensure Kern County reaps the benefits. The whole thing is worth a read, so I’ll just offer a few choice excerpts: […]

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