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At the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney one of the audience members asked what can be done to lower gas prices. The correct answer to this question is “nothing,” since gas prices are only going to keep rising thanks to peak oil and soaring global demand. The proper question to ask […]

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A good passenger rail system in California includes trains running at a variety of speeds. Bullet trains can and will serve the main corridors, but there’s a lot of room to upgrade the existing intercity rail service with even faster speeds. And as a recent test run showed, simple track improvements can allow Amtrak to […]

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Last night the Bakersfield City Council voted unanimously to hire and outside attorney to file a lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority. Bakersfield argues that the CHSRA is not being up front with them about possible impacts from construction of the line. But it’s not clear that’s true, or that it requires a […]

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Since early 2009 California has seen the occasional anti-high speed rail protest sign. The first ones showed up on the Peninsula, and since then more have appeared in and around Kings County. Some signs, like the one below, are fairly innocuous, if ridiculous. Others are just desperate and sad: A banner on a cotton trailer […]

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