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So reports Tim Sheehan at the Fresno Bee: Authority CEO Jeffrey Morales said Tuesday that questions from five consortiums of building firms have prompted the authority to set Jan. 18 as the new date by which bids must be submitted for a 28-mile stretch of the high-speed rail line from Avenue 17, northeast of Madera, […]

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In California media outlets often like to ask whether Governor Jerry Brown or state legislators will suffer for supporting high speed rail. Their assumption is that the risky move when it comes to HSR is to back it, and that opposing it comes at little political cost. But that may not be an accurate reflection […]

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Tim Sheehan of the Fresno Bee has a good overview of some recent significant hires at the California High Speed Rail Authority. While Sheehan argues these changes mean “stability seems to be at a premium,” in fact this looks to me like things are settling down as the Authority gets ready to begin construction next […]

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Service changes on the LOSSAN corridor are apparently afoot. Dana Gabbard at Streetsblog LA has the scoop on the possibility that Metrolink is looking at service to San Diego – a corridor that is already served by the Pacific Surfliners. According to Gabbard: The report presented at the Oct. 17th Planning and programming Committee contains […]

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