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At an event today at Millbrae Station, elected leaders hailed the release of $39 million in Prop 1A funds to begin the Caltrain electrification project. Money was also released for the Central Subway. “We are here to reboot Caltrain,” said Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, after the California Transportation Commission voted earlier in the day to […]

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Earlier this week Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 16, a bill by Fresno Assemblymember Henry Perea to encourage high speed train cars to be made in California. “Simply put, these bills make it easier for people to do business in California,” Gov. Brown said in a news release. Authored by Assemblyman Henry Perea, D-Fresno, Assembly […]

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There’s been a lot of discussion of the California Environmental Quality Act lately and the need to reform it. My view is that environmental regulations and reviews of projects are very important, but that it should not be used to stop good and environmentally friendly projects from going forward. If the review process is used […]

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One of the more annoying talking points used by high speed rail critics is that HSR will somehow be “obsolete” by the time it’s built. The latest claim: that “some sort of tube” will move people from downtown San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles in just 30 minutes. It’s not just something out of Futurama […]

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